Saturday, February 22, 2014

Style Test Tutorial & Assignments for Viz Dev 2/22

Hey Viz Dev Team!

We have picked a style direction we are going in! Each of you will be doing AT LEAST ONE finalized style test. You may pick any shot from the animatic to illustrate. 

Take the following image, and make it better! We want a final style test to see what the the film will actually look like when it's all done. Refer to the following image, and follow the tutorial closely to maintain consistency. Characters skin are always white, and clothes are black. Think pink, lavender, periwinkle, and gray blue as far as the overall color scheme. Warm against cool and Vive versa. Keep the background light and desaturated so the characters pop. You have some room to vary your colors and the background design. The background design should be line work (not shapes) and should have a loose hand drawn quality to it. 

Please have your style test completed by Monday 9pm 2/24. We are going to show our progress to Adobe Tuesday morning, so make them great! 

Let me know if you have any Questions! Fire It Up!


1. Create Your Background Color

2. Create a layer for your floor plane

3. Create a Layer for your wall plane

4. Block in your character (White)

5. Add Features

6. Block in hair color

7. Use easer tool to create designs in hair (this step is optional based on what scene your working on)

8. Block in dress shape (black)

9. Add texture behind character and on top of the background shapes

Here is the texture I used:

10. Put it on "Pin Light"

11. Select the following brush 

12. Select a darker color for heir texture

13. Lock transparent pixels for the hair layer and DAB the brush to create the texture

14. Keep dabbing and building up

15. Add back ground design on top of background layer. Take shape language and inspiration from circuit boards. Design door frames, picture frames, furniture, whatever floats your boat. Remember, hand drawn line work, and keep it light!


  1. This is really awesome! I'll throw that style on the UI and kick it out soon. Hopefully we can get it in for Tues. Thanks for your kick-assedness Lauren!