Thursday, January 30, 2014


these are some ideas we have for the house design

Style test of the house

The design is still open for tweaking, but this is somewhat what I imagined it would look like with the style that we are going with. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hey guys,
Just a quick update on what's been going on. Frankie, Keith, Justin, and Michelle each did a pass of the storyboards and the post Keith made earlier about the critiques were from Bunny and Courtney about those boards. (You can highlight the text if you just see a white box) We're going to take the best parts from each then Keith is going to redraw them. 

Also can I get a clear confirmation of who is animating, and willing to animate if need be (maybe take on a shorter simpler shot) Just to make it easier to organize and assign shots later. Also also animators, remember to keep practicing and drawing the characters, the more you are on model when animating the less we have to fix later! Not a bad idea for vis devers too, since some of you might help with cleanup later! That is all and thanks for reading!

UI Render Style and Color

So I was thinking of just making a white icon layer over the buttons, so we can change the shape of buttons depending on what vanity we go with. I think this color scheme works well and i filtered the Maya renders to give them a wobbly line look like the lines in the background (might not be too apparent here). Let me know what you guys think!

Here's a still so you can actually see how the UI is rendered.

Bunny and Courtney Critique!

Hey Guys,
       We sent B and C 4 sets of storyboards this morning and they got back to us very quickly.
Here is the Crit:

Hello Group 4.

After reviewing the four sets of boards, Professor Carter and myself have a few quick comments below:

- each pass is much improved
- generally speaking, each set tells the same story and could be considered not much different than the other… so the best of the sets could be combined into one... BUT to do this will take a considerable amount of time via email so we'll leave that up to your group to select the best of each
- each story works but each story now needs to be reviewed with a microscope to determine what is or what is not working
- for example, Michele's establishing shot and hook-up with the window/mirror camera-move is best of the four (but the window is too small in the larger context of the architectural design)
- clarity is still an issue at different points in each set of boards
- you need to break down each and every sequence to decide which is best which to throw away (we were taken out of the moment by the tribal mask mirror face in one set of boards)
- each story has a different feeling– such as Frankie's are much more slapstick– is that intentional?
- thankfully, the mirror has more appeal in each set and the interfaces (pardon the pun!) are more entertaining (but somewhat confusing at times)
- now that you've revisited the Disney mirror, do not allude to "copying" the functionality, unless it is intentional 
- all of the interfaces need to be resolved a bit more to be fully entertaining
- still not convinced that the room needs to be fully designed vs. a few important props such as the vanity or couch (which do not have to be stuck against walls, like everyone's furniture usually is in today's world)
- remember to be entertaining in every way– that means milking all the tools available to film makers: timing, character arcs, character development, shot composition, humor, creativity, technique, and, yes, more timing… don't rush anything that needs to be slowed down and don't slow down anything that needs to be faster. 
- every element is a character… the mirror, the interface, the stool, the main characters, the doorbell, the guy's voice, the special effects, etc… each of those characters has one job, to move the story forward which is only there to make your point… your target… so make sure you know WHY you have them in the film and then exploit them to the maximum to be sure and hit the bulls-eye of the target.

Hope this helps thus far,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Good Annoying Sister Reference

Character Reference Sheet and More Character Poses

Character Reference Sheet

Hey peeps, here are a couple a notes for the animators when animating Jessica and Debra. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to see other things and added to the sheet. Lauren is currently working on hands and hair!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some Makeup Exploration

Ideas on how Debra's face could get messed up. The middle on is based on one of Lauren's drawings from earlier.

newest vanity

This is the newest vanity Flavia and I came up with. We had the idea of the vanity floating when it's starting up. The mask would come out either from the screen with the rest of the UI or from the desk..

Update with the light:

Vanity Function: Make-up Steps to Layering

Keith was explaining to me how the vanity's makeup application will function. Make up works in layers, we've decided that this is how the makeup will applied in the final film.  I've made a illustration of the steps that are used to apply a basic makeup look to work from. Because this takes place in the future, we will need to make her look a bit crazier (colored eyebrows, huge lashes, etc...). Using these steps as a base gives us room to be creative.

Make up brushes

check this out. future make up brushes.

Funny make up faces

Check out this girls video. She is applying make up,

Make up Exploration

Here are a few more bits of reference for the vis dev team. Make up is so fascinating.  Check out the hunger games. Some cool make up stuff.

Make up reference/Inspiration :]

Hi guys! Here's a link to a folder with some makeup reference and inspiration (cause some of them are a little outlandish and crazy but fun) for you to use. Hope they're helpful!

Makeup Reference

Hey Everyone,

Here are some examples for the viz devers on how crazy you can with make up. I'll update as I find more. :)

Turn Around Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay in getting these finished. I wasn't feeling well yesterday. Here's the update's on the Turn Arounds. Let me know if you catch any problems.

Snow White and the Huntsman Mirror

This one is cool. this is pretty cool. It's a mirror but not really. More like a soul mirror.

Mirror Mirror

A little late to this but here is the Snow White beginning Mirror scene

The queen is quite scary

Tex Avery's world of Tomorrow

     Hey guys I found the video I've been looking for about a futuristic visions by Tex Avery. This doesn't have exactly what we are looking for but it has cool funny inventions and shows them in clear ways to get the gag across.

There is a couple of mirror shots though. Also be wary it is quite sexist and sometimes kind of racist. It was made a long time ago so cut Tex some slack.

My take on vanity design

Here is my take on the design of vanity. I added a lot more neon type light on the vanity instead just around the mirror. Also, I pushed the shape more instead of just a normal rectangle shape. I played around a bit with the stool as well

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Vanity UI test #1: Debra recognition Animation

This is for when the vanity says "Hello Debra." It's similar to a personalized desktop.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Layoutssss, son!!!

Also another tweaked BG look test.


This is the layout that I've done. Edgar is doing the rest. I decided to put them on a page for a nice layout to show tomorrow. Do you guys think we need to add the other furniture in the layout or is that gonna be added when we're painting in the background? I realize that final character layout will be done by Aldo and Lauren, but I just did it really quick to make sure a correct proportion and placement in relation to the background..

Turn Arounds

Here are the final turn arounds! Let me know what you guys think.