Thursday, October 31, 2013

vis dev - ending face

These are some designs for the ending face. I incorporated some of Keith's request such as the unibrow and long nose. I was trying to make it not look too much like a kid's drawing, but rather a more realistic unappealing face, so that it would make sense for Bobby to be scared and run rather than having him ask the question: "what did your sister do to you?"

UPDATE: Incorporating runny mascara and thicker brow as suggested by Kevin.

Board Update!

Here's a continuation from yesterday's post. This is what I had as of 11pm last night.
I've done more since but I thought an update was in order!

Having the screen on as she comes up instead of having her turn it on makes for a stronger silhouette as she raises the stool.


I think that Jess having her hands up the whole time as she's rising is really funny b/c it's like she's soaking in that pose.


"It's okay Deb.. I think you're beautiful!"

This is new ending. I showed it to the other groups and it got a laugh. The ending is two-fold: One is that she gets what she wanted from the beginning which is her sister's attention (the date ran off) and two it's an jab/insult to her sister b/c Jess is insinuating that her sister looks better NOW that her face is all messed up.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

VisDev update - bedroom iso

Today I was focused on designing Jessica's bedroom working alongside Flavia with inspiration and suggestion from Kevin and Keith. We're trying to make it simple but still futuristic without making it cliche. Tomorrow, we will flesh out the individual furniture, especially the makeup station, and also the characters. We decided to focus on looking at Syd Mead for environment design and Carter Goodrich for character design.
Hey All,
        I've been working in the Lab today and I've touched base with Kevin and Michelle who were also in the lab. This is what I've been working on:

So this is along the lines of what Eric was saying. Push the camera in, make it more intimate. I was thinking of making the screen circular (ie more futuristic) because Kevin drew it that way and I liked it. We don't have to go that route but I think it'll look nice in the boards.

I lowered the camera here as per Michelle's suggestion to put us more in Jessica's perspective, and made Jessica shorter so she has a harder time pushing buttons.

There's one more drawing here of Deb looking shocked with a monkey face.

This is what I have so far. The finished product will have value and cleaner line work too. I'll be back in the lab around 6 today if anyone wants to stop by and give feedback. Otherwise I'll be keeping up with the blog if you'd like to comment. 

VisDev Update

Today has been really slow for me. I did not get as much things done as I would hope, but I have fully colored the snoopy version of the test, and also slightly revise one of the character design. I got a feedback from Nissa earlier that the slight changes that I did on the character helps her look older, which was what I hoped to achieve. I would definitely continue revising these character designs further.

Tomorrow I would focus on designing the device, because it would probably be more helpful for Friday's presentation, but still continue with the other design work on the side if possible.

original - revised 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boards Update: Toiling and Toiling

Hey Guys!
       I'm broadcasting from the BFA lab where I've just spoken with Michelle, Frankie and Nissa who all gave me great advice for our boards.
        So today I wrestled with what to change and what not to change in staging and story beats and after a frightening few hours in which I changed almost everything, my conscience and fellow lovely group members brought me back down to Earth.
        The consensus is that the beginning (Debra and her make up) and the door at the end are the main staging issues that need major changing. You can see my revised staging for Deb's make up screen below.

The Following suggestions were made:

- Instead of having Deb flip through several different faces, have her pick one face and fiddle with controls to modify it (eyebrows, lips etc) before deciding ultimately to get rid of the whole face.
- Have a shot between the new establishing shot (below) and the shot through the back of the holo-screen for clarity that Deb is sitting down to do her make up.
- Keep Jess's introduction a full body shot instead of changing it to her hiding and popping up.
- In the "Let me do your lips" frame, Make Jess shorter so that just her chin and hands reach above the console.
- Exaggerate Deb's monkey face more so that it really looks crazy and monkey-like
- In the "Jessica get our of my room!" shot, Jess should still be next to Deb at the console. This could be an upshot from behind Jessica as she looks up at her looming sister.
- Show Jess turn to leave
- Milk the emotion of Jess being neglected, have her turn back once toward her sister, give her a tear(s).
- Perhaps instead of Jess climbing up onto the console, she uses Deb's stool (which we'd have to establish in the first couple shots) which has an elevating function, to rise up to the screen sort of Darth Vader style.
- Having Jess pop through the hologram screen and make fun of Deb is hilarious, but ultimately it would lengthen things and would work better in a longer film.

Please let us know if you agree/disagree with any of this. I'm sorry I don't have more boards to show at this time, but it took some exploring in the wrong direction to realize what the right direction was. I'll be updating throughout the day tomorrow. Thanks guys.