Friday, May 16, 2014

Shot 5 Progress

As you know Shot 5 takes up nearly 50% of the run time of our film.
While the valiant efforts of Alisia, Katherine, and Batia should not be forgotten on shots 4 and 6,
this mother needs it's own chart:

Wednesday Noon
Thursday Noon

Thursday 11 pm

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Final Schedule

Hey Crew,
        Here's what we're looking at for the next week:

                 Rough Animation Done

Sunday 5/11:
                All rough animation Scanned and into Flash files by Midnight
                Begin Assignment of remaining Shot 5 for Clean up

Monday 5/12:
                Shot 2 Debra Done
                Shot 3 Clean up/Color Done
                Shot 4 Clean up/Color Done
                Shot 6 Clean up/Color Done
Tuesday 5/13:
                Entire Shot 5 Assigned and in Clean Up

Wednesday 5/14 (Dead Day):
                Crew meeting @ 1pm in 243

Thursday 5/15:
                Continue to Kick Ass

Friday 5/16:  
                Shot 5 Done
                Final Composite and Editing

Saturday 5/17:
                First screening of Film @ BFA Gallery, Industry Night

Retimed Credits

Hey guys. Keith and I went over timing, came to this. Lemme know if this feels better. Text will all change, but I think this timing is pretty good.

New credits timing

Hey all. Tried to post this last night but apparently it didn't work. This is the credits with trimmed timing. Look good?

Additional Scan For Debra

Hey all! So Courtney said he wanted me to juice up the face scan, maybe do it twice. I thought just scanning her head twice wouldn't make sense and could be boring for some, but I think this makes sense. In case you can't tell from crappy compression, the second scan is a wireframe of the 3D mesh, like the vanity is loading her profile. Lemme know if ya like!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Font Change

Hey everybody. So Keith and I talked to Chai about the credits and he said to change the font because it didn't feel futuristic. Also, he did not want us to use Lauren's painted titles because there are too many inconsistencies (letters going different directions and what not). He said it works in the title where you only see a few letters, but no so much for a credits situation. He recommended that we choose a font similar to the ones below, and for the titles just do all caps and/or bold. Let me know which ones you guys would like to use!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Credits Test

So here is what I had in mind for the credits:
So that is just the button slightly turning, but I was thinking of using the whole vanity in the shot, so it would look like this:
And with the screen and lights moving it will be more apparent that it's turning. Right now I have the text on a layer in After Effects, but I plan on doing it on a plane in Maya so that it will move perfectly with the button. Also, where the titles are (e.g. - Cast) will be a hand painted text, done by Lauren, that matches the title.

I could also render everything different (maybe solid colors) if we want more of a 2D credit look.

I was thinking to move to the next button would just be a 5 to 8 frame pan.

Lemme know what you guys think!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Credits Font

Hey guys. Here is the font that I THINK we decided on for the credits (Obelisque):
When I typed this out, I noticed that a bit of kerning might be necessary...

So, I'm also posting what I THINK was our close second (Tooney Loons):
Keith or Lauren, maybe you remember what was chosen? I had Obelisque downloaded, but I remember talking about Tooney Loons. Anyway, both are available on

Lets hear what you guys think and lets make a decision! WOO! ALMOST DONE!

Edit: Ask and ye shall receive! Unfortunately, the font Obelisque does not have a bold version, but here is a faux bold from Photoshop.

Credits Spell Check

Hey All,
               Make sure your name is on this list and spelled correctly. This list will be used for the credits.
A final name check will go out next week when the Credit Screens are done. Thank you.

Aadith Srinivasan
Aldo Kcomt
Alisia Munoz
Allena Hail
Amit Kumar
Batia Pinsker
Dan Galligar
Edgar Hernandez
Eric Anderson
Flavia Vidaurre
Frank Davis
Hunter Welker
Huy Tran
Janice Engelgau
Justin Llamas
Katherine Chung
Kathy Chu
Kayla Rimes
Keith Silva
Kevin Maier
Lauren Jensen
Melanie Joe
Michelle Santoso
Mickie Vannier
Nick Maksim
Nissa Krider
Samia Khalaf

Monday, May 5, 2014

2 Weeks. The Home Stretch.

Okay Crew,
         We have 12 days to finish this film. It's time to put all the pieces together.

           In these last two weeks, it's important to work together, be in the building at the same time as much as possible, and communicate effectively with one another. Many of you are working on the same shots so it will be very important to keep connected so we can avoid fixing things later.

There will be late nights ahead, but what else is new.

       Today I saw Kayla and Amit helping Flavia. Tomorrow Samia said she's helping Melanie with Flash. Eric is helping Samia with color. Aldo is helping everyone.
Kevin is always going around offering help and an eye to the clean up artists.

       This is the kind of thing that will get this film not only finished, but will really make it shine.

       The last people doing rough animation: Kevin, Lauren, Aldo, and Batia,
should be finished by the Weekend (the 10th), which will mean a huge push for clean up from Saturday to Wednesday.
           It'll be very tight. But we need those last few days for editing and compositing and I know Nick will want any completed shots as soon as possible (read: BEFORE Thursday the 15th) to composite into the film.

       This is going to be the best Adobe film produced this year, and we are going to make it happen.
Thanks for being the best crew in 118B.
Keep it up!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shot 3!!

(please sing in the tune of "Be our Guest" from yours and my favorite, Beauty and the Beast)

It is with my greatest pride and deepest pleasure... 
that I present to you ...
Shot 3

It's shot 3, it's shot 3 
hey baby it's inbetweened! 
yes some things are on 3 but who'll notice but you and me, 
I think its ready, for post u see, 
Jessica is cute as can be, 

(zipping ahead to the finale..) 

It's shot 3, it's shot 3, it's shot 3.... 

*and the crowd goes wild*