Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some way to display the make on face!!!!

Hey guys,
I came across these 2 images on yahoo. I think it's very similar to our way of thinking how the makeup is painted on the face. These are just for inspiration :)

Monday, November 25, 2013

New Vanity Idea

Just in time for the meeting. I came up with a new vanity idea. Something that would work better for story telling purposes, but keeping the idea of familiar yet new and keeping the shape language similar to the other furniture.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hey Guys,
       I met with Justin and Frankie for a long time today and we went over the boards extensively. I'm in the lab now and I'll be here until 6 pumping out boards for you guys to draw over. And I'll probably be back late tonight.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So we're all on the same page...

Hey Guys,
            For those who couldn't make it to the meeting tonight and just so we are all on the same page.
We came to the conclusion that in order to keep the chunks of the story that we and Gavin (Adobe) liked and alter the story enough so we don't get yelled at as much, we are going to re-do the boards so the camera, character actions/expressions and staging are good and clear by Mid-Day Wednesday.                     These will then be handed off to other members of the group (Viz Dev etc.) to beautify and complete with their awesome drawing/painting/valuing skill to make the boards sing and shine for Bunny and Courtney.
            As we discussed, this method is not used in the industry and seems a bit redundant but hey, if it gets B and C to let us move onto other parts of development it's worth a shot! If I left anything out, let everyone know in the comments!
These are the notes we got from Bunny and Courtney. Some we are following, some we are sort of following as discussed in the meeting today.
  • Debra using the device should be a back/forth OTS shot
  • Give Deb more acting
  • Don’t go monkey face/stick with makeup
  • Don’t show Bobby/perhaps just his legs
  • Keep the film about Jess and Deb
  • Don’t make Deb a Bitch, make her lose her patience  
  • Don’t make Jess venomous, keep her innocent
  •  Change character design in the boards.

These are the thumbnail boards I turned in on Friday for you guys to check out and crittque

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey Guys,
        So by now you have all seen the e-mail from the faculty about how we are a total embarrassment and so forth. With CTN and the general lethargic nature of never being able to please, and the fact that almost no one's work is actually being critiqued, it's understandable why there has no been little to no activity within our group last week.
        BUT! This week can be different! We can make a difference together! We can sift through the confusing sludge of notes and the enigma of how to make our story "better" and still keep it under 1 minute!
        I'll be very honest, I'm a little lost. I'm struggling to find ways to re-present our story. Pugs from group 3 did apparently the "best boards ever in BFA" last week, so if anyone would like to do their own pass of the storyboards I am 100% behind that. I will be redoing my own pass regardless.
That's where I'm at. I look forward to talking to you all this week!
Let's DO IT!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Costume stuff

Here is just a few costume design ideas I have some more but I want to put color into all of them. 

Update on Device

Hi guys,
I've been working mainly on designing the device. It is still in progress, but this is what I have so far.

So, I was thinking that the monitor is planted on the wall. I was debating if I should have the whole face option or individual feature on the bubbles or maybe a combination of both.. The cushion part of the chair is going to have the ability to elevate which I will quickly illustrate, and Flavia also suggested to show how Debra is interacting with it, which I think is a good idea, but it brings another question, which is How is she interacting with it?? I know in Keith's board it is mostly controlled using motion, but we've also been talking about using voice command and drag-and-drop as an option. ..or maybe she will be able to use all three of these control technique on this device. Any last minute input would be appreciated, but I might just combine all of these features for this week, and we can narrow it down for next weeks..

Update: (11/19/13)

For Edgar

Bedroom Designs

Hey everyone, I've done three isometric views of the bedroom based on Michelle's blocking with variation in each one. I'd like to take one and pretty it up with color like Michelle did last week. The question is, which one do you guys think I should take into color?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Character Vis Dev

Hello everyone, I have drawn some designs for Jessica and Debra and these are the ones I like most. On the Jessica page I have chosen the large drawing. I imagine her as trying to emulate her sister and she's cut her own hair to try to look like her. She also wears Debra's shirt to pretend she is her. On the Debra page I like both designs on the left, mainly the 1st one. I haven't concerned myself with their dress too much as I want to finalize the characters. Please give me any feedback. I'll be posing and painting when I come home from class today.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

vis dev update - makeup device

I am focusing on the makeup device itself for this week. On the last meeting, most of us have agreed to use this idea of a huge computer / vanity screen planted on the wall. On the center of the screen, there would be an oval shaped window with Debra's face, and around it would be circle shaped windows with pictures of makeup ideas / tools. The controller / keyboard on the side idea did not receive a positive feedback, so I will probably not include that on the final design, so the control would be either touch screen / motion control / voice command. Today, I was exploring the basic shape of screen and the elevating stool. I will finalize the design tomorrow. 

Story Changes

Hey again,
        I thought I'd post which parts of the boards are changing. I'm not changing any beats or what happens, just shot compositions to best show what's going on in the most filmically (Hickner's word) sensible way.

This is the toughest shot in the whole thing to get right. I may change this so it doesn't all happen in one shot, I feel that fact may be holding me back. Clarity is paramount in this first shot.

Josh was saying this shot needs to be redesigned because Deb is cut off and we are off axis with Jess. Too flat.

This shot also cuts Deb off in an awkward way.

This shot is working fine for the story but for the technology it may be better to show this change happen on screen.

This shot cuts from an extreme upshot and Josh said that a cut to an extreme down shot from Deb's POV would be much more powerful than this Over the Hip shot.

Story Informing Desgin

Hey Guys, I'm working on the boards right now (to submit to Dreamcrits) and I thought I'd post insight into which are important for the story/design and which I am going to change.

These are the story moments that inform the design. Each board will have an explanation on how it informs:

This establishing shot simply sets up that Deb is sitting at her vanity and that she is in control of it.
So she needs to be sitting and it needs to be under her control.

These two shots establish that Jess is able to reach at least part of the controls. And that those are not the correct controls to do what she thinks is apply simply make-up (hence the monkey face).

This shot works only because the screen is illuminated. It does not have to be that shape or size but it should be able to silhouette our character.

This is our payoff. The whole story leads to this punch line. The machine needs to be able to update onto her face in real time and in a convincing way. This needs to be established in the first shots and reestablished in the monkey face scene. Clarity it more important than function, as long as our audience knows and believes what is happening, we don't have to explain it. We don't need midichlorians, just The Force.

Monday, November 4, 2013

About the room.

Different bedroom ideas.

A sleeping machine. Comes with mood setting speakers and lamps inside. In case of emergency equipment stored on the side.

A revolving closet. Spheres and ovals rotate to reveal drawers located on other side.

Me and Michelle thought it might make more sense for the cosmetic software to be app based instead of having a completely different machine for one function. This display uses gels that are kept up by an energy field and float around. You can add more gels to open more apps.

And some girly seats.

Vanity Ideas

Hi guys, I have sketched a few different ideas for the makeup device. I like the idea of having it as a high-tech vanity, and here are some exploration for it.

This one is probably my personal favorite. Vanity and closet at the same time!

I also like the idea of having it collapsible. This one is collapsible into a regular mirror.
This device is basically a huge computer with collapsible controllers on each side of the collapsible and elevatable chair. The floating circles on the screen are other inactive apps.

Playing more with the idea of collapsible vanities.

I hope these sketches are readable. I can clean them up if needed. I will do more exploration before our meeting tomorrow.

-Michelle S

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Makeup Ideas

Hey guys,

We talked about not having a hologram screen and thinking out of the box.  Here are a few of my ideas.

First, is the clay mannequin idea.  Similar to how little girls play with a mannequin head, Debra would apply makeup to her mannequin and it would apply to her face in real-time.  Jessica could accidentally drop the product, causing the head to splatter.  We would then hear the boyfriend scream off-screen.

For my second idea, I kept the hologram, but divided it in a way that focused on different parts of the face.  The screen would swipe left and right for different options.  As you can see, it's floating in the air...... Don't judge me.

Finally, Here is a quick sequence for a third idea, a Makeup PRINTER.  Using some sort of control, the printer's lasers slide up/down and left/right to target the areas that need makeup.