Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bedroom Designs

Hey everyone, I've done three isometric views of the bedroom based on Michelle's blocking with variation in each one. I'd like to take one and pretty it up with color like Michelle did last week. The question is, which one do you guys think I should take into color?

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  1. Hi Edgar. I like the first and second one for different reasons. The first one because it looks the most fleshed out, but I do feel like there is too much curves and not enough straights to balance it out. I like the second one because it has more balance between straights and curves, and the device also looks closer to my design, which I will try to post soon. One of the problem with the second one though is the device blocking a lot of the stuff behind it, so I would suggest making it somewhat transparent so a lot of the other designs behind it get shown. If I would have to pick one, I would pick the second one with a few changes.. Looking good overall :)