Sunday, November 3, 2013

Makeup Ideas

Hey guys,

We talked about not having a hologram screen and thinking out of the box.  Here are a few of my ideas.

First, is the clay mannequin idea.  Similar to how little girls play with a mannequin head, Debra would apply makeup to her mannequin and it would apply to her face in real-time.  Jessica could accidentally drop the product, causing the head to splatter.  We would then hear the boyfriend scream off-screen.

For my second idea, I kept the hologram, but divided it in a way that focused on different parts of the face.  The screen would swipe left and right for different options.  As you can see, it's floating in the air...... Don't judge me.

Finally, Here is a quick sequence for a third idea, a Makeup PRINTER.  Using some sort of control, the printer's lasers slide up/down and left/right to target the areas that need makeup.

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