Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hey Guys!
     I'm working on the animatic as I type. I wanted to get it done sooner, but Bunny and Courtney had me editing the BFA portion of the Screening tomorrow so I was held up for a few hours. I'm on track to get this thing done though, and I won't have to stay up all night. Yay!!!
I'll post as soon as I'm done.

For Michelle

Hey Michelle,
These are the earlier sketches that we have discussed together. I put them here for you to look at.

Style Test

Hi guys,
When we were doing the group chat earlier, I mentioned trying out Rene Gruau's style as our animation style. I was introduced to his work by Maritza. He is a fashion illustrator working with traditional media. His painting style is very unique. He uses flowy and heavy contour line. He strategically colors only a few objects in the scene to guide the viewer's eyes to the focal point. There's a lot of ways his style can be implemented, and this is my one attempt at it. I will try to do more. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

This is the specific illustration that I was mainly looking at when working on this. The one Keith posted earlier was also his work..

Furniture style

Check this out

B boards

Some revisions, so we can discuss in the skype call. Happening now!

Last Few

Here are the last few boards. We're gonna skype in a a bit once everyone is available. Till then I'm going to compile different changes and additions you've all recommended so we can discuss them.

S'more boards

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback, I can make some of those changes, clarifying arm movements and such. Let me finish up the last 15 boards or so and then I'll start on revisions.

Question about the "mirror".
Frankie brought up something which came to my attention as well. I forgot to flip the image of Debra in the mirror, but when I though of going back and changing it, I wondered if maybe having it show your face as others would see it would be a cooler technology? So it would show your face non-flipped? What do you think?  If you want it "mirrored" I can change it, but I think we need to make a decision and not an assumption.

One more thing. I have a cold an really don't want to trek to school today. :(  (I also dont want to spread my cold.)  Would it be possible to meet a little later on Skype or FB? So you can all give me feedback and I can do some revisions?

Also, I was thinking of what C said and did a different method of lip application:

 A bit more comical and it introduces the idea that you can really alter the face with the technology. Do you think we should "smear" her face more (Picasso-style) when Jess wildly swipes at the machine? Lop-side her eyes or something to give the machine more power?