Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Progress in Vanity

Hi guys. This is my progress on the vanity. I modeled it roughly and painted the three-quarter view.

Also, some of us have discussed different ways to show the process of how the makeup is applied to her face incorporating some of the ideas that have been brought up. This method seems to convey the message without it being to distracting. What do you guys think?

Any feedback is appreciated.


  1. Vanity is looking great. simple and modern, but still pulling from older vanity designs. Perhaps make the "desk" of the vanity a little wider than the "mirror". Might give it a slightly more multi-purpose feel. Otherwise, what is that flat surface used for? If it's a desk that she's set the "mirror" interface on, then what was the desk's original purpose? If it comes with the "mirror" could they be more integrated. I think the future will tend more toward flat screens mounted to walls, so if our device is sitting on a desk (which we need it to) make sure the desk is thought through. Give it purpose too.

    I like the mask idea a lot. Especially the "pixel-izing" fade out and the flexible invisible material. Really cool! AND I think we can make that read pretty well.

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback Allena! :) I do agree that either the mirror has to be more integrated or the table has to have more function rather than to just hold the vanity. I will try both ways and see how it looks that way. Thanks again :)