Monday, December 16, 2013

Draw-over Thoughts

Hey Keith and Allena! and anyone else who wants to chime in.

I have some notes that I was thinking for the new draw overs to hopefully make things a little more clear and just to try and understand B/C's desires for the boards. Because I'm still confused on what/how they want the emotions to be in the boards. So I I'm just trying to help so we have absolutely no question about the emotions happening.

In case you can't read my beautiful hand writing:

-shot 10: I think it would be nice to see Jessica react to the device with curiosity. So we know that she is interested. Our class is aware of her character but I don't think random audience members would get it right away. So I think either starting with a look of curiosity and going to excited about seeing her sister OR starting excited then curious. Either way it's just one more drawing.

-Shot 31: I don't think she needs to be shown happy for the reaction shot. Most reaction shots are of characters immediate feeling. So you can just go straight to her sad face and I added another sad note just so we get a bit more depth into her emotion. It's not much but i think it adds more to her disappointment seeing body language and not just facial expressions.

-Shot 21: This is really just a mirror technicality. In the reflection her Right eye has mascara on it and in her real face it's on her Left eye.

I hope this helps!  Please let me know what you guys think and if it sounds too complicated.

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  1. I think these are all good inputs. It's a good idea to show Jessica "think" a little bit more so we connect more with her character. Also, I remember that Josh suggested for Jessica to have a happy face and change to a frown on the screen as a reaction to Debra ignoring her, which at that moment I thought was a good idea, but I do feel that it was a little bit confusing to see her happy after being ignored when I was looking through the redrawn board. I thought Frankie's suggestion might work better, which is to show her being sad while still looking at Debra, and then tilt down with an even sadder face showing more of her disappointment as well as thinking process..

    Frankie's inputs made me think, maybe what they meant by pushing the expression is not the drawing itself, but probably more boards to show her change of expression and thought process. I realize that this is probably a lot considering we only have one day left, so we should just do as best as we can for our final presentation.. My offer to help with the board still stands, and I will be in the bfa lab hopefully the whole day tomorrow to work on our project.. Just let me know if my help is needed. Right now I'm still redesigning the vanity itself..