Sunday, December 15, 2013

Boards Redraw

Hey guys,
Here are the first part of the boards. I've been concentrating on cleaning up and clarifying the expressions and movements, using the style in the most recent viz dev work on the blog. I gave Deb a little less bitchy of an expression at the beginning, just so we can see her change after she gets annoyed. Moved the mirror "bubbles". Stuff like that.
Please tell me if there's anything that looks weird or is unclear or if you have any suggestions on how to plus it in anyway.

Looking at it now, Deb looks a little young. If it's too distracting I'll go through and make her eyes smaller, so let me know.


  1. Allena these look great! They are so much cleaner and clearer. Keep up the good work and continue to push the expressions into utmost clarity. B and C were particularly critical on that front.

  2. Hey Allena these look really nice! I like the additions you made to the room to make it more of a girl's room and such. It definitely helps define the location!

  3. Hi Allena! Great drawings! Although, if the hand movement in the applying makeup section is pushed a little more, it might read better. Also, the part after Debra saying no to Jessica and looking back to the vanity, right now looks like she's showing Jessica something instead of ignoring her in my opinion.. Back shot instead of profile shot might help convey this. Keep up the good work Allena. Thanks for doing this for us.