Thursday, March 26, 2015

An Official Announcement...

Hey Debbies!

Congratulations! We made it into the Sarasota Film Festival! Wooooo! 
The film will be screened on Saturday, April 18th at 10:15am

For more information on the festival you can visit:

I miss you guys and think of you often, I hope you are all doing well. And for those of you still at SJSU: You can do it! Push it to the limit and FIRE IT UP!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Shot 5 Progress

As you know Shot 5 takes up nearly 50% of the run time of our film.
While the valiant efforts of Alisia, Katherine, and Batia should not be forgotten on shots 4 and 6,
this mother needs it's own chart:

Wednesday Noon
Thursday Noon

Thursday 11 pm

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Final Schedule

Hey Crew,
        Here's what we're looking at for the next week:

                 Rough Animation Done

Sunday 5/11:
                All rough animation Scanned and into Flash files by Midnight
                Begin Assignment of remaining Shot 5 for Clean up

Monday 5/12:
                Shot 2 Debra Done
                Shot 3 Clean up/Color Done
                Shot 4 Clean up/Color Done
                Shot 6 Clean up/Color Done
Tuesday 5/13:
                Entire Shot 5 Assigned and in Clean Up

Wednesday 5/14 (Dead Day):
                Crew meeting @ 1pm in 243

Thursday 5/15:
                Continue to Kick Ass

Friday 5/16:  
                Shot 5 Done
                Final Composite and Editing

Saturday 5/17:
                First screening of Film @ BFA Gallery, Industry Night

Retimed Credits

Hey guys. Keith and I went over timing, came to this. Lemme know if this feels better. Text will all change, but I think this timing is pretty good.

New credits timing

Hey all. Tried to post this last night but apparently it didn't work. This is the credits with trimmed timing. Look good?

Additional Scan For Debra

Hey all! So Courtney said he wanted me to juice up the face scan, maybe do it twice. I thought just scanning her head twice wouldn't make sense and could be boring for some, but I think this makes sense. In case you can't tell from crappy compression, the second scan is a wireframe of the 3D mesh, like the vanity is loading her profile. Lemme know if ya like!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Font Change

Hey everybody. So Keith and I talked to Chai about the credits and he said to change the font because it didn't feel futuristic. Also, he did not want us to use Lauren's painted titles because there are too many inconsistencies (letters going different directions and what not). He said it works in the title where you only see a few letters, but no so much for a credits situation. He recommended that we choose a font similar to the ones below, and for the titles just do all caps and/or bold. Let me know which ones you guys would like to use!