Saturday, May 10, 2014

Final Schedule

Hey Crew,
        Here's what we're looking at for the next week:

                 Rough Animation Done

Sunday 5/11:
                All rough animation Scanned and into Flash files by Midnight
                Begin Assignment of remaining Shot 5 for Clean up

Monday 5/12:
                Shot 2 Debra Done
                Shot 3 Clean up/Color Done
                Shot 4 Clean up/Color Done
                Shot 6 Clean up/Color Done
Tuesday 5/13:
                Entire Shot 5 Assigned and in Clean Up

Wednesday 5/14 (Dead Day):
                Crew meeting @ 1pm in 243

Thursday 5/15:
                Continue to Kick Ass

Friday 5/16:  
                Shot 5 Done
                Final Composite and Editing

Saturday 5/17:
                First screening of Film @ BFA Gallery, Industry Night

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