Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Credits Spell Check

Hey All,
               Make sure your name is on this list and spelled correctly. This list will be used for the credits.
A final name check will go out next week when the Credit Screens are done. Thank you.

Aadith Srinivasan
Aldo Kcomt
Alisia Munoz
Allena Hail
Amit Kumar
Batia Pinsker
Dan Galligar
Edgar Hernandez
Eric Anderson
Flavia Vidaurre
Frank Davis
Hunter Welker
Huy Tran
Janice Engelgau
Justin Llamas
Katherine Chung
Kathy Chu
Kayla Rimes
Keith Silva
Kevin Maier
Lauren Jensen
Melanie Joe
Michelle Santoso
Mickie Vannier
Nick Maksim
Nissa Krider
Samia Khalaf

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