Friday, May 9, 2014

Font Change

Hey everybody. So Keith and I talked to Chai about the credits and he said to change the font because it didn't feel futuristic. Also, he did not want us to use Lauren's painted titles because there are too many inconsistencies (letters going different directions and what not). He said it works in the title where you only see a few letters, but no so much for a credits situation. He recommended that we choose a font similar to the ones below, and for the titles just do all caps and/or bold. Let me know which ones you guys would like to use!


  1. I had to pick from these I'd go with Arista. But I don't think going with a cliche futuristic font is the way to go. I feel like it doesn't fit with the look of the film. Maybe we can try something more chic yet still modern looking. What do you think of these?

  2. Of these, I'd have to go with either champagne-limousines, or clemente. We want to avoid fonts that do not have lower case and fonts that are too squished horizontally or vertically. If you wanna run those 2 fonts by a faculty member and get one approved, I will move forward with that. Thanks!

  3. From Nick's List, I like HighlandGothic
    From Lauren's List, I like Caviar Dreams

    They both feel somewhat girly futuristic to me.