Wednesday, December 4, 2013


As you all know from the e-mail sent out to the BFA: JP Balmet will be coming in to critique Video Game project Viz Dev work on Friday. Where does this leave our Debra and little Jessica?

           Well the good news is, it means we won't be pitching to Adobe on Friday. My guess is the next time we'll see them is on the 18th. This will give us another opportunity to run our story by Josh Zinman for some final crits. IT ALSO MEANS we won't have to do a group crunch to get the boards together Thursday night! Yaaaaaay!!

           The bad news is we won't be getting our designs for Adobe critiqued by JP.
Also with a Green Ninja Show deadline today + Dreamcrits tonight + the Game Jam tomorrow I won't be able to do much boarding till tomorrow afternoon but that's only a minor issue and it mostly just affects me.
          So mostly good news right!?

So focus on the things you need to focus on this week. Get your Video Game work together and check out the post below to see how you can help move this project forward.

Thanks everyone!!!


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