Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Story Changes

Hey again,
        I thought I'd post which parts of the boards are changing. I'm not changing any beats or what happens, just shot compositions to best show what's going on in the most filmically (Hickner's word) sensible way.

This is the toughest shot in the whole thing to get right. I may change this so it doesn't all happen in one shot, I feel that fact may be holding me back. Clarity is paramount in this first shot.

Josh was saying this shot needs to be redesigned because Deb is cut off and we are off axis with Jess. Too flat.

This shot also cuts Deb off in an awkward way.

This shot is working fine for the story but for the technology it may be better to show this change happen on screen.

This shot cuts from an extreme upshot and Josh said that a cut to an extreme down shot from Deb's POV would be much more powerful than this Over the Hip shot.

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  1. An extreme down shot from Deb's POV sounds awesome for that monkey face beat!!