Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Character Vis Dev

Hello everyone, I have drawn some designs for Jessica and Debra and these are the ones I like most. On the Jessica page I have chosen the large drawing. I imagine her as trying to emulate her sister and she's cut her own hair to try to look like her. She also wears Debra's shirt to pretend she is her. On the Debra page I like both designs on the left, mainly the 1st one. I haven't concerned myself with their dress too much as I want to finalize the characters. Please give me any feedback. I'll be posing and painting when I come home from class today.


  1. Hi Flavia :) I like the characters.. For Debra's design, I personally like second drawing the most. I feel that it has the most appeal especially because of the pushed proportion of the face, and she looks like a 16/17 years old.

  2. ^ I was just gonna say that! Second Debra is awesome.

  3. These look great! Can you get 1 of each painted by tomorrow?