Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Story Informing Desgin

Hey Guys, I'm working on the boards right now (to submit to Dreamcrits) and I thought I'd post insight into which are important for the story/design and which I am going to change.

These are the story moments that inform the design. Each board will have an explanation on how it informs:

This establishing shot simply sets up that Deb is sitting at her vanity and that she is in control of it.
So she needs to be sitting and it needs to be under her control.

These two shots establish that Jess is able to reach at least part of the controls. And that those are not the correct controls to do what she thinks is apply simply make-up (hence the monkey face).

This shot works only because the screen is illuminated. It does not have to be that shape or size but it should be able to silhouette our character.

This is our payoff. The whole story leads to this punch line. The machine needs to be able to update onto her face in real time and in a convincing way. This needs to be established in the first shots and reestablished in the monkey face scene. Clarity it more important than function, as long as our audience knows and believes what is happening, we don't have to explain it. We don't need midichlorians, just The Force.

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  1. Clarity more than function, got it boss-man!!

    I think all the notes under each board beat sounds solid.
    From a composition stand point, on the opening shot of the bedroom, vanity mirror and older sister Debra what are your thoughts on lowering the camera angle to be similar to Jessica's POV. Maybe then that would put the story from Jessica's view right off the bat. Thoughts?