Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey Guys,
        So by now you have all seen the e-mail from the faculty about how we are a total embarrassment and so forth. With CTN and the general lethargic nature of never being able to please, and the fact that almost no one's work is actually being critiqued, it's understandable why there has no been little to no activity within our group last week.
        BUT! This week can be different! We can make a difference together! We can sift through the confusing sludge of notes and the enigma of how to make our story "better" and still keep it under 1 minute!
        I'll be very honest, I'm a little lost. I'm struggling to find ways to re-present our story. Pugs from group 3 did apparently the "best boards ever in BFA" last week, so if anyone would like to do their own pass of the storyboards I am 100% behind that. I will be redoing my own pass regardless.
That's where I'm at. I look forward to talking to you all this week!
Let's DO IT!



  1. Keith, let's not let the opinion of the faculty get in the way of what we can do. I have personally always enjoyed the boards and the direction our story is going. Let's make this happen together. Let's meet up and discuss what to do next.

  2. Keith, thanks so much for your hardwork! You keep getting most of the criticism, which sucks because I honestly believe you've been doing most of the work. We appreciate you and your work doesn't go unnoticed. Let's pull together!