Wednesday, October 30, 2013

VisDev update - bedroom iso

Today I was focused on designing Jessica's bedroom working alongside Flavia with inspiration and suggestion from Kevin and Keith. We're trying to make it simple but still futuristic without making it cliche. Tomorrow, we will flesh out the individual furniture, especially the makeup station, and also the characters. We decided to focus on looking at Syd Mead for environment design and Carter Goodrich for character design.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Great start to the iso of the room. I'm looking at Keith boards again and am getting lost with screen geography matching/working with the placement of the door and the vanity tech spot. Tomorrow I would really appreciate a sit down with Keith, you and I just to help straighten me out. I'm sure it works, I'm just getting a bit lost.

  2. Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment. I'll look more closely into the storyboard and match the location as close as possible.