Monday, October 28, 2013

Character Design and Style Test

Thanks for the story and characters description Keith, and also thanks for setting up this blog.

This week, I have continued designing characters, especially for Jessica, although I got feedback from the meeting that the designs look a little too young for Jessica, so I will revise this before Friday, and also continue designing Debra. This is what I have so far for character design.

I have also picked one of Keith's board to do style tests on. I still can and will push the likeness of these tests. They are both still work in progress.

01. Emulating the new Disney Mickey Mouse TV series.
I particularly like how they do the background which are designed beautifully painted with chalky texture and bright but still harmonious colors.

 02. Emulating Peanuts animated series.
This one was suggested by Eric, and I really like it. I particularly like how simple and economical everything is.

Any suggestions and/or inputs are appreciated. Thanks.


  1. Michelle! Some of those drawings of Jessica are really making me laugh, I like them a lot! Though I think you can make her a little more awkward without becoming unappealing. :)

  2. Thanks Allena! :) do you have any suggestions on how to make her look more awkward? I would probably try different pose, facial expression, or slightly change the design..

  3. Hmm, those would work, but also the basic shapes could be less perfect, and perhaps break up any symmetry, especially in the hair.

  4. Ok, I will try that. Thanks Allena! :)