Thursday, October 31, 2013

Board Update!

Here's a continuation from yesterday's post. This is what I had as of 11pm last night.
I've done more since but I thought an update was in order!

Having the screen on as she comes up instead of having her turn it on makes for a stronger silhouette as she raises the stool.


I think that Jess having her hands up the whole time as she's rising is really funny b/c it's like she's soaking in that pose.


"It's okay Deb.. I think you're beautiful!"

This is new ending. I showed it to the other groups and it got a laugh. The ending is two-fold: One is that she gets what she wanted from the beginning which is her sister's attention (the date ran off) and two it's an jab/insult to her sister b/c Jess is insinuating that her sister looks better NOW that her face is all messed up.


  1. I kind of want to see Debra's reaction after her date ran off. Right now, she is standing there as if she is frozen and nothing happens for the last 4 frames. The ending is cool, I love it, but she should wonder why her date ran off and have a reaction to that. Then, her little sister will come out and comfort her.