Monday, October 28, 2013

Characters and Setting

Here is the pitch line I used last Friday:

Our short is on the Future of Cosmetics, specifically how easy the technology is to use... or mis-use.  The story is about a teenage girl getting ready for her date, and the little sister who just wont leave her alone.

This is just a mock up for the characters/story I wrote to help me while I was boarding. We can add to the Character description as we see fit.

Debra: A16 year old girly-girl, Debra is obsessed with boys, clothes, and make up. She is at the point in her life when things are all about her, and she has little time for her younger sister Jessica.

Jessica: An 8 year old nerdy girl, Jessica is interested in lizards, mud and the latest TED talk app. Jessica’s older sister Debra is her idol. At every turn Jessica tries desperately to be like her older sister but often times fails to even get Debra’s attention. When Jessica doesn’t get her way she has been known to become vindictive.

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