Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rough UI Test

This is how I imagined the UI would come out and respond to touch.


  1. Fantastic work! I think this looks really cool. There has been some talk about the flower symbols not being flowers. I'm not sure what they'd be, but some of the ladies were saying that pink flowers would be too young for Debra. At some point we'll need to see this against our current designs for the BGs to make sure they don't clash. Of course, I assume we can overlay the appropriate textures on top of the assets you have animated. Great work!!

  2. How about stylish silhouette fashion girls? It would be like a fashion magazine in roulette form!! Thoughts?

  3. Any thoughts on the UI looking too tech-ie and too modern day looking? It would be awesome to see how they'd look more fashion-future-ie matching the design aesthetic.
    Overall, great work nick! When I get back, I'm super interested in learning how you did this. Would you be down, when you have a minute, to give me a quick tutorial?