Monday, February 24, 2014

Style Test / Color Script

Hi guys, so this is the style guide / color script I've been working on based on Lauren's guide. Let me know whether or not I'm going in the right direction. I'll finish this by tomorrow for sure.


  1. Looking really great Michelle! I'm still not sure if we're going to be able to pull off the erased lines in the hair for the whole film. Could you make a second one without them so we can see what it looks like? Also if you have time, I would love to see a panel where Deb had one of her crazy makeup looks, so we can see the contrast. Nice work and thank you for getting it done so quickly! :)

  2. Thanks Lauren. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing with the erased lines in the hair.. Alright, I'll get these done today.

  3. Also, Michelle, if you could include the color (potential color) of the vanity screens so we can see them against the background that would be awesome. The colors that Nick has shown are not set in stone, so let's see what works!