Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scene 7

Hey guys,
Here's a rough pass of what could happen with the extra screen idea. For those who weren't there, one of the Adobe guys suggested a new screen could come up as she's messing with vanity. This is super rough so of course there's a lot of things that could be changed, she can take a little longer to realize there's another screen, or see it then just go for it because she's excited, and she could stay longer at the new screen pressing more buttons as well but I wasn't sure how much longer we wanted to make this shot. I can also get a better idea once we design the new screen and choose its placement if we decide to go with it. So yea, any ideas or thoughts let me know!


  1. since its a new screen and its exciting, it might make sense for her to focus on it a bit longer rather than just pressing one button on it, maybe just press a few more :)

  2. I agree with Alisia, might also want to show more or a reaction to it popping up? just a possible idea though.

  3. Great start on the new screen action. I like how quickly she moves, but I agree that perhaps a few more frames of recognition would be good. I think 2 more screens would be good (for a total of 3) that way the excitement can build. We could also make those new screens overlap with the others, they don't need to have their own space, much like when we open windows on today's computers, we often have things overlap. That will also solve the issue of having to show Jessica traveling to multiple screens, which case we could just use some of the animation you have now and just show a screen popping up to meet where she is already putting her hand.
    I love the way you're animating her, she's so cute!
    Open to your thoughts on this as well.

  4. So, since this shot is behind the UI, what is going on on these new screens is not super critical, but, if you've looked at my renders for UI layouts, the white icons on the buttons do show through a bit. It'd be cool if I knew what was supposedly going on on these new screens, maybe a color pallette (since I've already kinda built one)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I was thinking that it'd be cool for Jess to push buttons so quick that the UI glitches a couple times during this shot. Could look cool.

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