Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shot 4

Hey guys, so heres shot 4 with the new background. I moved deb and jess in a bit and moved jess up higher than she was before (i put her in the first few frames for reff). Thats the position i plan on having jess raise up to. Please let me know what you guys think! Also this is just keys, super duper rough.


  1. I like it! Is her left arm down most of the time? I feel like when she starts to bring her right arm to push, the left arm should raise up too, similar to how you have it in the last frame, then I would straighten out that arm more in the last pose so it's different enough. Also you can throw in some variation by her pushing a button on the left side as well and maybe also that's when Jess comes in so Deb doesn't notice her as much. Good job!

  2. This is looking a lot better. I agree with Aldo. Keep it up!