Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hey Crew,
          I've updated the schedule and we have new Deadlines! Yay!

Style Test Deadline Monday Feb 24th 
      - We want to have up to date style tests to show Adobe when they come on Tuesday morning (the 25th) so have your tests posted to the server by 9pm on Monday night. We'll then have a chance to look them over and pick the most appropriate to show Adobe.

Backgrounds Deadline: March 7th
      - We can start backgrounds this week. Typically 2 weeks for backgrounds would be too little time, but I think with the minimalist backgrounds we are going with shouldn't take too long to produce.

Rough Animation Soft Deadline: March 14th
                           Hard Deadline: March 21st
      - You should be DONE with your rough animation by the 14th, the deadline for the 21st is for those last few fixes and shots that are 90% there but need those last tweaks.
March 21st is the last day before SPRING BREAK, so we need to be done with rough animation before then.

Animation Clean Up
       - Clean up will be starting on March 8th (the day after our original wrap date) for those shots that are done by that time. Clean up will carry through to March 31st however as people finish up their shots and transfer to the clean up stage.

Finished Film Deadline:  April 4th
      - Compositing will roll with the deadlines as shots are finished and cleaned up. Final Edit will start on March 24th and go until the final Deadline. Clean up should be completely finished by March 31st to allow time for the final edit.

Let's do it!!!


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