Wednesday, March 26, 2014

VisDev Progress

This is my version and interpretation on what I think the faculties responding well to both Lauren's and Flavia's color scripts. I kept the transition from more of a desaturated color palette in the beginning to a more saturated pink at the end. I make Jessica's clothes brighter at the end assuming the vanity would shine on it making it brighter. I was playing with giving an effect of light from the vanity to the background and character, but it doesn't work as well on the character as it does on the background because whatever color the vanity is emitting will be darker than white which is the color of their skin. I was talking to Flavia yesterday, and we agree that a good way to show an effect of light is to give them shadows, and we can change the color of the shadow if necessary.

I also started on exploration for the car. I can clean them up today so it looks more clear and presentable. Any thoughts on these would be appreciated.

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