Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shot 3-Debra

I still need to work on where the dialogue is, but I feel better about the timing and stuff now.

Any feedback or suggestions would be fantastic.


  1. I like the lean in pose but I feel like she goes into it pretty quick, she also presses the buttons and scrolls kinda quick. She she presses twice quickly before the lean and after the lean, is it supposed to be like that? As a refresher can you go over again when she's supposed to press the buttons and how many times?

    1. There's a total of 4 button presses, 2 before Jess talks, one between Deb's lines, and one at the end while she's delivering her last line.
      I see the issue with the pressing twice, and I either shot a frame wrong or one of my drawings is bad. That will be fixed.

      I'll go over everything again!

    2. Thanks Mickie!
      Also, Right now it's not looking like she's responding to anyone. Her body language doesn't change at all when Jess enters the room and speaks. I like the idea that Debra is not paying attention to Jess but I think there needs to be some indication of it.