Monday, March 31, 2014

Shot 3


  1. Hi Eric! Looks good so far! but I do have some thoughts that might help make it better..

    When Jessica is flying in her legs feel a little bit flimsy when she settles. If the settle has a bigger arc of movement but less going back and forth, it might help giving a better sense of weight to her legs. (minute 0:01)

    When she's checking out the vanity before she flies up again in the middle of this shot, I feel that the pose is a little bit unclear. To me, it seems like Jessica is checking out her back instead the vanity. If I were Jessica, I would probably stretch out my neck to see something really tall instead of scrunching down.. (minute 0:07)

    Leaning back in the air pose feels a little off balance

  2. Oops, sorry pressed publish on accident..

    The last comment about the leaning is from minute 0:13

    Great effort so far Eric! Keep it up!

  3. Hi Eric,
    fun to see this shot coming along. One thing I noticed is the change of volume in Jess, especially her arms. For example on 0:07 her right arm is long and thin, perhaps if she is leaning forward the arm would be bent?
    While on 0:15 her arms look more plump. On this shot the settle is looking good.
    Also, on 0:01 the legs' last settle seem repetitive. I feel it needs to be more subtle because of the legs' weight.
    Hasta ~ Flavia.

  4. Thank you both for the notes. I am going to adress them and get my shot reshoot soon. Thanks again.