Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jessica's Hair Changes v1

My thoughts on how quick the hair can change, and which designs (in order) it will change to.  I had more of the hair designs we chose, but with the audio there wasn't much room to shove them all in there.


  1. It's looking pretty cool, but I think we should definitely have an indication that the hair is being changed by the vanity. I was imagining just a .25 sec swell of white light with maybe a cool silhouette effect, but to do this, each hairstyle would have to be held for at least about a half second, so we would have to choose fewer styles to switch between. Thoughts?

  2. I think we could use the effect your talking about as an accent but maybe not a rule. So when the hair styles are changing rapidly we can have them just flip through like they are here, but when we stop on one maybe have more of that effect you're talking about, Nick. Almost like when you go to a google image search and when you are scrolling through the images haven't had time to load yet so they are pixelated, then when you select one it gets crisper, same concept.