Friday, April 18, 2014

Outline Tests

Some quick variations on line treatment.
Upper left is the original, upper right has rounded edges for head and smaller eyes but eyes are same,
middle left has smaller lighter lines, middle right has brush tool for outline
lower left has a darker skin for the no outlined eyes, and lower right is not as noticeable but has texture overlay for lines

If you have other ideas for how to go about it feel free to post and we can all decide on one together, just make sure that its a reasonable method that won't take forever to complete.


  1. I like the darker skin with no outline around the eye. the left hand corner one.

  2. I think the left middle one could work too, the lighter thinner eyeline.

  3. My vote is for the left middle, especially because darkening the skin makes the value too close to the BR. Aldo, did you find a way to create a broken or graphite-ish line for around the eye/outlines? Also, don't forget that Courtney said to lighten the inside of the mouth and eyebrows. The color that we decided on, for the inside of the mouth, before is on the blog on the character color script and I think it works a lot better.

  4. Left middle gets my vote. I like it a lot. Cool stuff man. I like the thin line on the eyes.

  5. We worked on this more yesterday and Bunny and Courtney came in and approved a look that is even more refined than the left middle one. It looks great. We're back on track!