Monday, April 21, 2014

Film Status 4/21

Hey All,
        Thanks to everyone who made it to the workday on Saturday.
Besides myself we had 3 people on Clean Up, 2 on Viz Dev, and 2 Animators
hunched over churning this film out.
        It was a huge success. Bunny and Courtney came in and were very happy (whew)
and impressed with our progress and it looked SUPER good to have so much of the BFA lab filled with our crew (90%!).

Working together at the same time really does make a difference.

Moving on to this week, Nick Maksim and I are planning to spend the day compositing and compiling as much as we can into the animatic.

THIS MEANS: We need as much progress as you can give us on your part of the film as you can by Thursday midday, preferably Wednesday night.


Compositing and Editing takes time, and in order to avoid the scolding we got on Friday, we need to be able to make what we present shine.

This does not mean you can't continue to work on the film Thursday evening, just that we have enough time to get it in to the animatic.

If we can get shots 1, 2, and 7 completely finished and in the film by this Friday, there's a good chance we can have the whole thing finished by the 2nd of May (IF we work together).

So let's keep going!

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