Saturday, April 12, 2014

Course Correction

Hey Crew,
        This week is going to be key.
After yesterday's faculty critique on our progress, we need to make a slight course correction
The objective is not to be done by this Friday, but to be done as soon as possible keeping quality in mind.

A big assignment in BFA was due yesterday so more of my attention will on the film this week.
You can expect e-mails from me and more frequent updates on our progress.

I want to get our progress in front of Dave multiple times next week. We'll need his eye to make things
run as smoothly as possible, or else we're in for more frustration next Friday.

Which means:
           Get progress to me often. Send me your progress as soon as you have it and I will get feedback on it. This is the end, so the film has to sing!

           You heard em', we need more life in shots 1- 4 and 6. Keep in mind, now that Purse film is done, we have more access to clean up artists. Get your shots working and give them life, don't worry about getting them cleaned up as you most likely will have help with that.

          We have Backgrounds that need painting. So far only 2 of 7 are in progress. I'll be contacting some of you individually to get going on this.

Above all: Be in constant contact with other crew members. Ask for help. Work together and actually work together (physically). Share feedback. We will only finish as a team.

Get excited, this film is going to be great!